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Holding (n.) The burden or chorus of a song.

Hole (a.) Whole.

Hole (n.) A hollow place or cavity; an excavation; a pit; an opening in or through a solid body, a fabric, etc.; a perforation; a rent; a fissure.

Hole (n.) An excavation in the ground, made by an animal to live in, or a natural cavity inhabited by an animal; hence, a low, narrow, or dark lodging or place; a mean habitation.

Hole (n.) To cut, dig, or bore a hole or holes in; as, to hole a post for the insertion of rails or bars.

Hole (n.) To drive into a hole, as an animal, or a billiard ball.

Hole (v. i.) To go or get into a hole.

Holethnic (a.) Of or pertaining to a holethnos or parent race.

Holethnos (n.) A parent stock or race of people, not yet divided into separate branches or tribes.

Holibut (n.) See Halibut.

Holidam (n.) See Halidom.

Holiday (n.) A consecrated day; religious anniversary; a day set apart in honor of some person, or in commemoration of some event. See Holyday.

Holiday (n.) A day of exemption from labor; a day of amusement and gayety; a festival day.

Holiday (n.) A day fixed by law for suspension of business; a legal holiday.

Holiday (a.) Of or pertaining to a festival; cheerful; joyous; gay.

Holiday (a.) Occurring rarely; adapted for a special occasion.

Holily (adv.) Piously; with sanctity; in a holy manner.

Holily (adv.) Sacredly; inviolably.

Holiness (n.) The state or quality of being holy; perfect moral integrity or purity; freedom from sin; sanctity; innocence.

Holiness (n.) The state of being hallowed, or consecrated to God or to his worship; sacredness.

Holing (n.) Undercutting in a bed of coal, in order to bring down the upper mass.

Holla (interj.) Hollo.

Hollaed (imp. & p. p.) of Holla

Hollaing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Holla

Holla (v. i.) See Hollo, v. i.

Holland (n.) A kind of linen first manufactured in Holland; a linen fabric used for window shades, children's garments, etc.; as, brown or unbleached hollands.

Hollander (n.) A native or one of the people of Holland; a Dutchman.

Hollander (n.) A very hard, semi-glazed, green or dark brown brick, which will not absorb water; -- called also, Dutch clinker.

Hollandish (a.) Relating to Holland; Dutch.

Hollands (n.) Gin made in Holland.

Hollands (n.) See Holland.

Hollo (interj. & n.) Ho there; stop; attend; hence, a loud cry or a call to attract attention; a halloo.

Holloed (imp. & p. p.) of Hollo

Holloing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Hollo

Hollo (interj.) To call out or exclaim; to halloo. This form is now mostly replaced by hello.

Holloa (n. & v. i.) Same as Hollo.

Hollow (a.) Having an empty space or cavity, natural or artificial, within a solid substance; not solid; excavated in the interior; as, a hollow tree; a hollow sphere.

Hollow (a.) Depressed; concave; gaunt; sunken.

Hollow (a.) Reverberated from a cavity, or resembling such a sound; deep; muffled; as, a hollow roar.

Hollow (a.) Not sincere or faithful; false; deceitful; not sound; as, a hollow heart; a hollow friend.

Hollow (n.) A cavity, natural or artificial; an unfilled space within anything; a hole, a cavern; an excavation; as the hollow of the hand or of a tree.

Hollow (n.) A low spot surrounded by elevations; a depressed part of a surface; a concavity; a channel.

Hollowed (imp. & p. p.) of Hollow

Hollowing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Hollow

Hollow (v. t.) To make hollow, as by digging, cutting, or engraving; to excavate.

Hollow (adv.) Wholly; completely; utterly; -- chiefly after the verb to beat, and often with all; as, this story beats the other all hollow. See All, adv.

Hollow (interj.) Hollo.

Hollow (v. i.) To shout; to hollo.

Hollow (v. t.) To urge or call by shouting.

Hollow-hearted (a.) Insincere; deceitful; not sound and true; having a cavity or decayed spot within.

Hollow-horned (a.) Having permanent horns with a bony core, as cattle.

Hollowly (adv.) Insincerely; deceitfully.

Hollowness (n.) State of being hollow.

Hollowness (n.) Insincerity; unsoundness; treachery.

Holly (adv.) Wholly.

Holly (n.) A tree or shrub of the genus Ilex. The European species (Ilex Aguifolium) is best known, having glossy green leaves, with a spiny, waved edge, and bearing berries that turn red or yellow about Michaelmas.

Holly (n.) The holm oak. See 1st Holm.

Hollyhock (n.) A species of Althaea (A. rosea), bearing flowers of various colors; -- called also rose mallow.

Holm (n.) A common evergreen oak, of Europe (Quercus Ilex); -- called also ilex, and holly.

Holm (n.) An islet in a river.

Holm (n.) Low, flat land.

Holmia (n.) An oxide of holmium.

Holmium (n.) A rare element said to be contained in gadolinite.

Holmos (n.) A name given to a vase having a rounded body

Holmos (n.) A closed vessel of nearly spherical form on a high stem or pedestal.

Holmos (n.) A drinking cup having a foot and stem.

Holo- () A combining form fr. Gr. "o`los whole.

Holoblast (n.) an ovum composed entirely of germinal matter. See Meroblast.

Holoblastic (a.) Undergoing complete segmentation; composed entirely of germinal matter, the whole of the yolk undergoing fission; -- opposed to meroblastic.

Holocaust (n.) A burnt sacrifice; an offering, the whole of which was consumed by fire, among the Jews and some pagan nations.

Holocaust (n.) Sacrifice or loss of many lives, as by the burning of a theater or a ship. [An extended use not authorized by careful writers.]

Holocephali (n. pl.) An order of elasmobranch fishes, including, among living species, only the chimaeras; -- called also Holocephala. See Chimaera; also Illustration in Appendix.

Holocryptic (a.) Wholly or completely concealing; incapable of being deciphered.

Holocrystalline (a.) Completely crystalline; -- said of a rock like granite, all the constituents of which are crystalline.

Holograph (n.) A document, as a letter, deed, or will, wholly in the handwriting of the person from whom it proceeds and whose act it purports to be.

Holographic (a.) Of the nature of a holograph; pertaining to holographs.

Holohedral (a.) Having all the planes required by complete symmetry, -- in opposition to hemihedral.

Holohemihedral (a.) Presenting hemihedral forms, in which all the sectants have halt the whole number of planes.

Holometabola (n. pl.) Those insects which have a complete metamorphosis; metabola.

Holometabolic (a.) Having a complete metamorphosis;-said of certain insects, as the butterflies and bees.

Holometer (n.) An instrument for making of angular measurements.

Holophanerous (a.) Same as Holometabolic.

Holophotal (a.) Causing no loss of light; -- applied to reflectors which throw back the rays of light without perceptible loss.

Holophote (n.) A lamp with lenses or reflectors to collect the rays of light and throw them in a given direction; -- used in lighthouses.

Holophrastic (a.) Expressing a phrase or sentence in a single word, -- as is the case in the aboriginal languages of America.

Holophytic (a.) Wholly or distinctively vegetable.

Holorhinal (a.) Having the nasal bones contiguous.

Holosiderite (n.) Meteoric iron; a meteorite consisting of metallic iron without stony matter.

Holostean (a.) Pertaining to the Holostei.

Holostei (n. pl.) An extensive division of ganoids, including the gar pike, bowfin, etc.; the bony ganoids. See Illustration in Appendix.

Holosteric (a.) Wholly solid; -- said of a barometer constructed of solid materials to show the variations of atmospheric pressure without the use of liquids, as the aneroid.

Holostomata (n. pl.) An artificial division of gastropods, including those that have an entire aperture.

Holostomate (a.) Same as Holostomatous.

Holostomatous (a.) Having an entire aperture; -- said of many univalve shells.

Holostome (n.) One of the Holostomata.

Holostraca (n. pl.) A division of phyllopod Crustacea, including those that are entirely covered by a bivalve shell.

Holothure (n.) A holothurian.

Holothurian (a.) Belonging to the Holothurioidea.

Holothurian (n.) One of the Holothurioidea.

Holothurioidea (n. pl.) One of the classes of echinoderms.

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